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By margosa 2023-07-10 03:11:19

my laptop cannot connect to wifi since firmware update

My laptop cannot connect to my wifi since I upgraded th firmware to 1.6.1. The other devices don't have any issue. My laptop is still able to connect to other wifi, such as hotspot. Please advise.
Forums/ Deco
By margosa 2023-02-27 03:10:05

Blocked content in Parental Control

I have Deco M9 Plus and tried to block kids from watching too much Youtube. I put "youtube" in Blocked content in Parental Control, but it doesn't work. Please help. thanks.
Forums/ Deco
By margosa 2021-08-27 02:19:23

Why Discord cannot be filtered in Parental Control

Discord is a chat apps on Android and IOS. Kids can also access web version of Discord at My kid spends a lot of time on it and I am trying to control it by adding it to Parental Controls