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By philipp_e 2020-11-09 15:33:58

How to reset QoS Settings on Deco M4?

I wanted to try the QoS settings on my Deco M4 Mesh Network. Now that I tested it, I want to set the feature back again to where it was before (no QoS). Is there a way to reset this feature? Why is th
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By NewDred 2021-11-03 03:56:32

How to turn of QoS on DECO x60 iOS app

I am trying to turn off the QoS. I dont see any "turn off" switch. Does anyone have any suggestions? thank you
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By Pandemonium 2020-05-11 03:19:48

QoS on M5

Hi, I've been wanting to disable the bandwidth limit founs under the QoS option, setting it to max value is not something that I am looking for. Just totally disabling the bandwith limit is what I nee
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By Whocarestp 2021-11-22 12:15:39

Impossible to disable QoS

After enabling QoS it's impossible to disable it again. I've tried the app, I've tried the web interface, I googled, nothing. This shouldn't be rocket science people!
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By bmrobinson 2020-01-03 01:04:17

M5 - Disable QOS features

I'd like to entirely disable the QOS functions on the deco M5. How is that accomplished? It appears that once it's enabled, there are no means to turn it off. Thanks!