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By Brook 2019-07-10 06:28:35

Latest firmware (version 1.3.1) with new features for Deco M5 is available now

Hi All, A new firmware (version 1.3.1) for Deco M5 has been released. The new release has fixed the Wi-Fi dropout issue with the 1.2.8 version and added some new amazing features. Notes: 1. Please upd
Forums/ Deco
By SteveInOrange 2019-06-26 05:35:47

How can you tell what technology is used for the back haul

Is there a way to tell if the deco p7 unit is communicating via the Ethernet, WiFi or Powerline. Also does the Powerline method work if the device is plugged into an APC power strip?
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By mirdragon 2019-06-13 17:28:58

Feature Requests

I've noticed there is no decent admin facitlity for the Deco M5, is it possible to get some improvements and also a webbased admin page so can access via a desktop pc? I've currently got mine setup as