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By mdeboeck 2021-05-11 09:20:37

Webex audio

I have choppy audio every time I use webex for work. I tried rebooting my M5's, used webex on one of my other computers and tried different head sets. The same issue with audio. Parts of the conversat
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By Bussand 2020-08-30 11:41:13

Re:How make make 5ghz preferred over 2.4ghz??

@starmanj This is easy to accomplish. Go into your iPhone wireless settings and find the 2.4ghz SSID that your iPhone wants to connect to and click on "Forget this network". Then your iPhone will alwa
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By NYDoodles 2020-04-23 14:21:30

Slow download and upload

Just had broadband installed. Tech was getting 67Mbps download speed. Setup direct connect broadband cable to M5, no router, 3 M5 mesh setup. m5 set to router, QOS - 1000/1000 Speedtest via PC wireles
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By NYDoodles 2020-04-24 17:23:30

Re:Slow download and upload

@Carl It was a full reset. No change in speed. Changed the ethernet cable, no change. And have connected the PC directly, no change. I heard back from the tech who installed and they said Ookla speedt