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By RetiredInFl 2019-07-09 22:57:32

Deco M5 1.3.1 installed

OK, makes me nervous not seeing an announcement posted here for this new firmware. Was it pulled like 1.30 was? Anyway, installed 1.3.1 on a 3 DECO ethernet wired backhaul system and (so far) all is g
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By Flo_St. 2019-05-30 07:00:06

Best wired backhual M5 topology with ATT Fiber Arris BGW210-700 router + 16-port GbE Switch

I have ATT Fiber 1000 with an Arris BGW210-700 router+4 port switch+WiFi and I'd like to add two M5 mesh pods. i have a few hardwired ethernet devices using a TP-Link 16port GbE Switch and I'd like to
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By RSF 2019-05-28 17:32:46

Parental controls need work, kids can still easily get p*rn

I found two flaws with the parental controls, one pretty serious that I am hoping can be fixed ASAP. 1. The adult content filter will block access to p*rn websites but I found out in my son's insight
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By RSF 2019-05-24 18:27:17

Where is the firmware v1.3.0 upgrade

Recently I saw in my Deco app there was a notice that my M5 had an available firmware update to v1.3.0. Now when I go to check it says my current v1.2.8 firmware is the latest and that I'm all up-to-d
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By RSF 2019-05-22 17:00:40

Vizio TV can't connect to Deco M5 wifi

I am a new Deco M5 owner. I am unable to get my Vizio TV to connect to my Deco M5 wifi. I can connect all my computers, phones, tablets, webcams, etc. just not this TV. I can connect with an ethernet