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By Solla-topee a week ago

Tether APP crashes or logs out when managing RE550 V1/RE450 V4 with OneMesh enabled

This Article Applies to: RE550_V1_211110 RE450_V4_211207 Issue Description: With Onemesh enabled, after managing RE550 V1 in the Tether app for a few minutes, the app may quit or force to log user o
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By 999frogs 2022-03-03 11:03:08

AX50 with Cirgin Hub 3

Hi, This may be a duplicate of my previous post, but I can't see it so think it's just lost. Bought an AX50 to replace the horrible routing on my Virgin Hub3. Wired connection Hub Port 1 -> AX50 WAN p
/ Deco
By ukmartian 2022-02-24 08:21:20

Re:Virgin media or Deco

@terziyski I don't know how to do that besides if it means re-initialising my smart devices that would be a pain, also I believe the fault is VM's I cannot even access the hub to change any settings (
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By Andrexs 2022-02-14 18:43:31

How to block websites on Archer C2300?

Hi, we have the Archer C2300 as the WiFi router (connected to a Sky modem via ethernet cable). I would like to block access to TikTok via the router, so that it can't be accessed by the laptops in the
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By Terminator 2020-12-07 11:52:01

Re:iOS14 and iPadOS14 WiFi - Private Address setting circumvents parental controls and possibly QOS

Has this solution been implemented? Will it be implemented soon?
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By Dekenba 2022-02-04 10:09:16

AC4000 not hitting 1 Gig

I've been running the C4000 with a Virgin media hub 3 in modem mode. It's been delivering half a Gig WiFi speeds consistently for over a year, but I've recently upgraded to 1 Gig speeds, with Hub 4 in