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By MayBe88 2 weeks ago

AX11000 - Ру прошивке быть или нет

На некоторые модели АХ роутеров стали появляться РУ прошивки с доступными каналами 5Ггц UNII3 и верхней части UNII2E Т.к. 160MHZ ширина на втором диапазоне у меня не стартует ( на 100 канале при устан
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By MayBe88 2021-12-07 15:30:50

AX11000 - WiFi_5_2

Hi every one, Anybody knows - How speed up second WiFi 5GHz on 160Mhz channel wight Any channels on advanced ( Auto or 100/104/.... etc) give maximum 80Mhz even if channel 100 and 160 MHz are selected
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By Kevin_Z 2021-07-19 06:51:40

What can I do if my Router Speed limits to 100 Mbps?

This Article Applies to: TP-Link Routers Issue Description/Phenomenon: Some customers may report the speed is limited to 100 Mbps when connected to the TP-Link router, while the speed is much faster a
By 1970-01-01 00:00:00

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By Kevin_Z 2021-07-14 06:41:11

VPN Client is not working

This Article Applies to: Archer AX20 Archer AX21 Archer AX90 Archer AX1800 Issue Description/Phenomenon: The router models mentioned in this article have already supported the VPN Client function with
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By MayBe88 2021-07-09 16:54:06

HomeCare Antivirus

Faced a situation when HomeCare is blocking a site, but I would like to solve this issue myself for some sites. Will there be functionality for handling user-added exceptions?