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By ordgab 2020-08-26 19:37:42

Archer AX20 OneMesh availablity

Hi support Team, Is there any news about the Onemesh service on this model? AX20 will support onemesh in the future? Thanks!
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By NoName666 2020-07-04 08:49:45

AX11000 Sold as WPA3-enabled, but does not have WPA3 and no new firmware

Go on the AX11000 page right now, it says it has WPA3. Also, go on the WPA3 page on the TP-LINK website and it says that AX11000 has WPA3 already. Yet, there is no new firmware update, and the most cu
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By MKFlyers2K 2020-08-11 01:40:02

AX50; WPA3, and OneMesh False Advertising

Anyone else saw TP-Link promised WPA3 and OnMesh on AX50? Only to have it removed and say they have no plans?
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By high-note-91 2020-07-17 05:00:34

Is the AX50 getting WPA3?

Is the Archer AX50 v1 ever getting a software update with support included for WPA3? Both AX50 and AX3000 (the variant with USB 2.0) are missing from the WPA3 page here on TP-Link's website.