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By MKFlyers2K 2021-01-07 23:59:47

Deco X60 No Possible Way to Achieve Advertised Link Speed

So i have to ask. Any reason why I am not able to get advertised speeds? My understanding the Hertz range on this device is 80Htz? Trying to get advertised speeds of 2402 Mbps on 5G, but I am only get
Forums/ Deco
By MKFlyers2K 2021-01-01 20:33:40

Deco x60 - No 2402 mbps speeds on 5Ghz?

Why isnt this happening? I bought this thinking it would be a good fit as I have a high demand on my wireless internal connection. But I am only getting half the speed internally. 1201.... Ive been to
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By Tavocampana 2020-09-14 17:28:39

AX50 WPA3 Future Implementation

Hi Tony, beyond talking about disappointment, I think that all of us who have bought an AX50 are interested in knowing if in the future it will add WPA3 to its capabilities. We find it very strange th
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By -King- 2020-08-30 08:38:17


Hello, Can someone explain why the WPA3 support has been abandoned for the AX50? The hardware is capable, Netgear RAX40 has the exact same specs already
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By Vexir 2020-08-26 20:48:18

Packet Loss in Rocket League PS4 with Archer A20, and Worse Ping vs ISP router

Hi all, About 2-3x per match, I see moments of severe packet loss where I'll just start teleporting around and my game client has to play catch up. This is actually more problematic than the ping. For
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By MKFlyers2K 2020-08-26 21:06:34

"Planned" Verbiage Definition

I think its just best you get rid of this misleading verbiage and just show the products that actually support it today. You should do this on both WPA3 and OneMesh pages. People are spending their ha