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Forums/ Range Extenders
By djf5502 2021-10-23 16:39:05

RE605x - ability to schedule a reboot

I can't find a way to set up scheduled reboots for this extender. I see how to schedule off the wireless for periods of time, but no scheduled reboot ability. Am I missing it somewhere? If not, is thi
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By Kevin_Z 2021-04-16 07:05:17

[New Firmware] Onemesh firmware for Archer AX11000

Update on June 15, 2021: The new official Onemesh firmware for Archer AX11000 is available now, please check for the updates on the router web GUI or Tether app in one day or two for the new update. Y
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By leoleo 2021-06-28 23:22:32

Archer AX11000 Firmware 210511 OneMesh

I just updated my router to the latest firmware but the OneMesh feature is not seen anywhere in the admin website. The router is in access point mode. My primary router is an Archer AX6000 running on
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By djf5502 2021-06-24 02:35:18

AX11000 OneMesh 5ghz Bands

I've started using the OneMesh feature with my AX11000, an RE315 and RE605X. It's working well. My question is can I connect the extenders to different 5ghz bands on my AX11000 within Onemesh? By defa
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By flymetomoon 2021-04-22 14:46:41

AX11000 WAN speed cannot achieve 2.5Gb/s

I have Google Fiber 2G internet service with their router GFRG300. Their router has one 10G LAN port. I can achieve 2.5G (actual speed: 1.9Gb/s) using a 2.5G Realtek NIC. However, I cannot achieve 2.5
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By djf5502 2021-04-15 14:50:25

AX11000 won't access

I normally change the router address to, but decided to reset my router to original defaults and leave it at As you would expect everything works fine, except I noticed I've l