Ham Radio needs a product to switch off all three AC conections!

Ham Radio needs a product to switch off all three AC conections!
Ham Radio needs a product to switch off all three AC conections!
2021-07-15 16:35:06 - last edited 2021-07-16 00:45:32
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: 2d

Hello TP-Link,


In Amateur Radio there is need to disconnect the AC power cord from the AC Wall outlet during a storm to eliminate ground system difference, and the cause of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) from traveling across an RF ground and House ground which are at different potentials.


Is it possible for TP-Link to create a new product that would remotely break all three (3) lines (Ground, Neutral, and Hot) from the AC wall outlet through a three contact relay?


In Amateur Radio there is a situation where having the house ground and the radio RF ground connected to the equipment at the same time during a lightning storm will cause EMP that will destroy the expensive Ham radio equipment and its peripherals such as, Computers, Amplifiers, USB Ports and anything connected to the radio..


Having a remote switch that would open all three AC lines (Ground, Neutral, and Hot), with a maximum of 20 Amps capability would be very helpful to control this connection when people are not home to disconnect the power cord to the AC wall outlet.  By using this new device remotely would save people around the world from lots of damage to their Amateur Radio Equipment.


I am presently using two Model HS103 Mini's with one reversed to do the isolation.  But I have removed one ground lug to not have ground from the AC wall outlet connected on the second switch.  It is not the safes way to do it but it works to eliminate the house ground situation.


Would it be possible to create a new product to do this?  I believe it would be the first of its kind. Also, I would not expect the new remote switch to cost the same as the Mini, but would be worth the increase in price to save the costly repairs to the equipment.


Also would it be possible to make a remote switch to do the same thing for the 220V AC at 20 Amps?  To run Amplifiers efficiently in Amateur Radio most of them run on 220V AC at 20 Amps.


If need be, please contact me directly at k5ln@austin.rr.com.  Thank you in advance for reviewing this request.



Bill, K5LN