Wiring for the 3 way smart dimmer kit

Wiring for the 3 way smart dimmer kit

Wiring for the 3 way smart dimmer kit
Wiring for the 3 way smart dimmer kit
2022-11-15 21:00:05
Model: KS230 KIT  
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I have a set of ceiling lights that are controlled by 3 dumb switches (they can be turned on/off from 3 different locations).

I want to be able to control these lights with a wifi dimmer switch and thought of using the KS230 Kit

However, I ma not sure that wiring is possible in these set up given that the TP switch is a 3 way switch?

Any advice and ideas please


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Re:Wiring for the 3 way smart dimmer kit
2022-11-16 04:08:05 - last edited 2022-11-16 04:08:55



Lets get language correct:


* A "three way" circuit is 2 switches and a load.

* A "four way" circuit is three (or more) switches and a load (where each "middle" switch is a 4-pole, while each end is a 3-pole)


What do you have?


If I read you correctly you have a 4 way installation.  Kasa does not support a 4 way on any dimmer.   I suspect a 4 way using the KS-230 V2 would work, but it would be fully unsupported.  It might also not work, or even burn up a switch. I know for sure I'd need the satellite at the end.  I'm inclined to think the intermediate 4 pole switch would work, but then for all I know it would melt the satellite.   Better options:


You can install using a FEIT (sorta odd wiring, but it works.   Been there, done that).

You can install using a Kasa if you give up the dimmer.   Perhaps smart bulbs?

You can use Leviton's 3-way setup one way or the other.  I don't recall if their slave (as they call it) can support a 4-way, but if nothing else I think their "companion" which is just a battery/wi-fi wall-plate would work.


Either way you'll need line, load and neutral at one (the smart switch) location.  Do you know that you have, or can rewire to get (the latter more common), same?








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