Time based default brightness


Time based default brightness

Time based default brightness
Time based default brightness
2023-12-24 01:43:01
Tags: #Dimmer brightness profile
Model: HS220  
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: 1.0.10

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i would like the option to change default brightness by time of day. For example in the morning I would like a default brightness of 50%, then mid day the default brightness of 100%, then evening at 75% and finally for the night 25%(as an example).

The intent here is to have a comfortable default for different times of day. When I first wake up I don't need full power lighting.  During the day brighter lights are comfortable and then at night time, lights at a low level would be adequate. 

it would be nice to have this profile applied to multiple switches (probably all of them) so it does not need to be programmed individually 

bonus points to deploy this feature on the matter switches so the management happens in network instead of needing to be controlled through the app and associated back-end 

thank you for your consideration



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