Why can’t I enable Remote Control on the Kasa app?

Released On: 2018-11-05 11:38:19Last update time: 2021-04-05 18:05:57

First we recomend you upgrade your smart home device to latest firmware. (click here)

Then troubleshoot based on the different error messages in the Kasa app.


1. If the error says “cannot connect to network” or “no network is available”


Usually this problem is caused by the firewall on the router and the port of smart device is being blocked.  We suggested that you disable the firewall on your router or, enable your router's DMZ feature.


2. If it says “it’s connected to other account”


This problem is because the smart device has been bound with another kasa account. If you previously set the device up on a different account log into that one and delete the device from that account.  If you forget what the previous account is, or this is the first time setting up the device, please contact TP-Link support with the serial number and MAC address of your smart home device.


3. If it says “local only”


Please going into the device setting and toggle Remote Control.  If the device will not enable Please make sure you are on the same local network and try again. (remote control can not be activated remotely) If you still have trouble, please contact TP-Link support with the serial number and MAC address of your smart home device.




Everything was working decent.  Then I recently upgraded the firmware.  Now my devices will not work remotely.  “Cloud send cod failed”.  I’ve hard reset it a dozen times, soft reset it 3 times.  Waited for the light to fully come on and off between alerts.  Everything but remote will not enable for anything.  Maybe you should just remove the remote enable feature in the next update and take it back to just working.  I see so many ppl with the same issue and none have had a solution.  Everything TP-Link suggested has failed.  :-(

thank u so much . this article is very helpful

رزرو هتل

One of my plugs works remotely, the other local only, and when I try to switch on the remote it says the cloud send and cmd failed?

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تحصیل در چین

When I click on the Remote Control I get "cloud error." Spent a few hours trying to get it to work with no success.

receiving "cloud send cmd failed" msg as well, even after updating firmware, etc. please help 

thank u so much . this article is very helpful


Here's my recommended fix that I randomly discovered if REMOTE CONTROL does not work:

1) delete the device from Kasa (if it was added successfully)

2) change your router DNS settings to use Google's DNS ( AND 8.8.4 4). 

3) Factory-Reset the smart plug (press and hold the button for about 12 seconds) 

4) Re-add the smart plug to Kasa. 


Hoping this helps- please post if it does! 

Local Only directions: "go to settings." OK I found settings with no specific help from directions. "Toggle remote control" but there is no remote control from settings, only: location and time, firmware update, widget settings, email preferences, and privacy. These directions lack specifics and have led to much waste of time and frustration.