HomeKit - Device Setup Failure (Unable to Add Accessory)

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HomeKit - Device Setup Failure - Unable to Add Accessory

Troubleshoot Homekit-Supported Kasa Devices Setup Failure (KP125 'Unable to Add Accessory' Error)


This Article Applies to:

KP125(US) 1.0 ( Kasa devices that support Apple HomeKit), EP 25;


Troubleshooting Steps:

Note: Please first factory reset the device before starting configuration.

Need Help Resetting Your Plug? Visit this Article Regarding the Various Reset Processes Available


To Configure Your HomeKit Enabled Device: Please follow the Knowledge Base Article How to Set Up your HomeKit-supported Kasa devices.



QR Code Issues:

If experiencing difficulties with scanning the QR code during the Setup Process, please try to scan the QR code on the device itself. This is an option that can fix most users' issues with setup and is often overlooked.



Step By Step Instructions:

1. Factory Reset the KP125 each time you try to configure the device in the Kasa Application

For most Kasa smart plugs, the plug can be reset by pressing and holding the power button on the right panel of the plug for about 10 seconds until the LED flashes amber rapidly to factory reset the plug



2. Move Devices Closer to the Router: Apple Device and Smart Plug



3. Disable the VPN on iPhone/iPad during the setup.

Note:If  the VPN is enabled on an iOS device, a 'VPN' icon will show up on the top, please ensure that you do not see the below icon or any icon that indicates an active VPN in your notification bar.



4. Connect your Phone to your Router's 2.4 GHz Network

If your router's 2.4g and 5g WiFi share the same SSID, set different names for 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi.




5. If you still can not configure the KP125 via Kasa APP,  try to use Apple Home APP to configure it again.

On the Home APP, click the '+' icon > then 'Add Accessory' to add the device to your Apple Home.

6. Try another device or an Android phone to reconfigure the plug if possible. (optional)


7. Try to change the 2.4g wireless channel to a fixed channel such as: 1, 6, or 11.


If you still failed  configure the smart plug with the iOS device, please help provide information below and email to <support.forum@tp-link.com> with tittle [ Forum ID 514776 + Description] , we will have a specialist to follow up your case:

1) Model of the router.

2) A Screenshot of the error message.

3) The WiFi LED status.

4) The MAC address of the plug

5) Kasa APP version.

6) If you had ever tried an Android phone to configure the smart plug. 

Thank you


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