Activate Tapo Lighting Effects and Automations from Your Voice Assistant (Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home)

Released On: 2024-03-25 22:12:33Last update time: 2024-03-26 21:32:29

We have received a number of questions regarding how you can use or activate Tapo’s lighting effects with a third-party service or a Voice Assistant. With the recent launch of the Tapo Lighting Effect 2.0 platform, we anticipate that this feature will be used more often.

Depending on the services and apps you use, the process will be different – however, you will always need to configure a shortcut with your desired lighting effect or routine in the Tapo App. Your newly created Tapo Shortcut will then appear in your voice assistant app when creating routines or automations.


Step 1: Create a Shortcut in the Tapo or Kasa App

  1. Smart (Tab at Bottom)
  2. (+) [Upper Right]
  3. Add Action
  4. Control Smart Devices
  5. Select Your Device
  6. Set Lighting
  7. Effects [Upper Right of Set Lighting Card]
  8. Create Your Effect, Save, and Name the Shortcut

Note: Some Voice Assistants can apply their own effects or colors to your lights, these are separate from the lighting effects provided in the Tapo App.




Step 2: Create a Routine or Automation in Your Voice Assitant App

Apple Home: For a Guide on How to Use Tapo Shortcuts in the Apple Home App, See this FAQ on setting up the integration and how to use the feature.

How to Use Siri to Control Your Tapo or Kasa Smart Devices

Once configured, your shortcuts can be used or automated using either your voice or by using a Siri Shortcut


Google Home (Kasa Only):

  1. Automations
  2. [+] Add (Located in Bottom Right)
  3. Select Either Personal or Household Automation
  4. Select “Add Action”
  5. Select “Adjust Home Devices”
  6. Scroll Down to the Bottom to Find your Available Scenes and Shortcuts from the Tapo App

Alexa App:

  1. More (Tab at Bottom)
  2. Routines
  3. Smart Home
  4. Scenes




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