Tech Tips: Fixing Glare on a Camera Facing a Window or Screen

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Today we will address an concern that deals with using a TP-Link Smart Camera to monitor an area through a screen or window. A scenario is typically used when a camera that is oriented to look at a porch or driveway.  We demonstrate this with a camera looking through a sheet of plastic. This is used to represent the camera looking through. During the day the live stream will not have any issues and the images in the recordings will look clear.


However, when the light level becomes too low the camera will switch to night vision mode. This is where you hear the “click” of the IR filter engaging.  In night vision mode several IR lights turn on (little red LEDs). What tends to happen is the IR light will then be bounce off reflective surface in front of the camera, and completely distorts the images or recordings. What you are left with is a drowned-out image with bright spots being the IR LED lights (see below).


In order to stop that from happening you need to turn off the camera’s night vision mode. To do this tap on the camera’s setting cog, then go into the night vision setting.  Change the setting to “Off”.





This will keep the camera from switching to night vision mode and distorting your images.  As long as you have at least some source of light in the monitored area that should be enough to generate quality images at night.