Tech Tip: How to add Your TP-Link Smart Home Products to Google Routines

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Did you know you can get even more out of your Smart home products by adding them to your Google routines?  Unfamiliar with what Google Routines are?  Not to worry – we’re happy to help fill you in.  Google routines are pre-designated commands built into Google Assistant and Google Home that can activate several actions at one time when the command word (Trigger) is given.   For instance, you can say “Hey Google:  Good Night” and have your Google Home turn off the lights and play a sleep sound.  These routines are also fully customizable.  This FAQ will show you how to add your TP-Link smart home products to a routine. 

*Note:  This requires your TP-Link Smart Home account to be linked to your Google Assistant.  Use the links below if you need help integrating these apps with Google Assistant.




Adding TP-Link to a Routine:

Step 1: Open the Google Home App

image-20220124135802-1 20220124220417y


Step 2:  Tap on ‘Routines’

image-20220124135802-2 20220124220416f


Step 3: Choose the routine you would like to modify

  image-20220124135802-3 20220124220416c


Step 4:  Tap on ‘Add Action'

  image-20220124135802-4 20220124220416y


Step 5:  Choose ‘Adjust Home Devices’

image-20220124135802-5 20220124220416b


Step 6:  Choose which type of device you want to adjust

image-20220124135802-6 20220124220416u


Step 7:  Choose the device and the action                                                                                         

image-20220124135802-7 20220124220416n


image-20220124135802-8 20220124220416l


Step 8:  Once you have finished, tap on ‘Done’

image-20220124135802-9 20220124220416t


Step 9:  Tap on ‘Done’ to complete the routine

image-20220124135802-10 20220124220416y


Step 10:  To save the changes, tap on ‘Save’

image-20220124135802-11 20220124220416j