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Forums/ Kasa Smart Switches
2022-02-03 18:11:47
Motion sensing switches should provide IFTTT motion trigger
TP-Link Kasa is already an IFTTT partner and it should provide a motion event to trigger events. Example: if motion is detected on my KS220M > turn on my Z-Wave bulb on
Forums/ Kasa Smart Bulbs
2021-10-08 00:18:17
Re:Request: let us set up blinking/auto changing color pallet
@Mr.Noodle This would be a great idea. example: Rainbow mode. Settings - Speed: fast it cycles back to first color (e.g. 1-30 seconds) - Mode: smooth (fade between colors smoothly) quick jumps just...
Forums/ Feature Request
2019-05-22 21:54:16
Request: ability to share cameras with a different account
If I have multiple cameras, I would love the ability to share just 1 to another user that has his/her own account. That way the person can't accidentally turn on/off my other Kasa devices/view my...
Forums/ Feature Request
2019-05-10 00:01:12
Request: add animated image preview in Activity tab for cameras
It would be great if the preview in Activity tab could show an animated gif for the clip and use this media for rich notifications on iOS/Android
Forums/ Kasa Smart Plugs
2019-05-06 18:03:41
Suggestion: add interval scheduling
Create a way to schedule on an off as such: - turn on for 30 minutes - then turn off for 10 minutes - Repeat Currently, I have to just add scheduling for on/off multiple times.
Forums/ Kasa Cameras
2019-05-04 23:12:05
Re:How to set activity zones to reduce notifications and clips
Is it possible to name the activity zones to have more meaningful alerts?