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By Nard-Dog 2 weeks ago

Random Switch Disconnect; Need Logs;

Hello, I have a bunch of HS220 switches. They disconnect from my internet at random and I have to manually push the restart button on the switch to get them to reconnect. It's especially annoying beca
Forums/ Kasa Smart Switches
By MauricioVC 2 weeks ago

Wiring for the 3 way smart dimmer kit

I have a set of ceiling lights that are controlled by 3 dumb switches (they can be turned on/off from 3 different locations). I want to be able to control these lights with a wifi dimmer switch and th

Re:Kaza app works, not Alexa echo or google home

@MJK123 I figured it out. I delete the switch from kaza app, then delete the same device from alexa app. Go back to kaza app and reinstall the switches. As soon as you delete the switch from the app,
Forums/ Kasa Smart Switches
By dafish 2 weeks ago

Wi-Fi Firmware Bug

Gentlemen: I'm seeing an HS220 coming and going in app status. Including Beta. Interestingly, it showed -73db down, was dropping 3% of pings, and was averaging 164ms ping response time. 162 packet tes
/ Wi-Fi Routers
By Kevin_Z 2021-04-25 03:43:59

Re:Change Menu Language Archer C50

@William-YWAMIca I think the router sold in Peru might be an ES version, which would be a customized version for the local market, and that's the reason why you cannot change the language. If you want
Forums/ Kasa Smart Switches
By pimmysits 2 weeks ago

ES20M "Smart Control" explained?

Can anyone explain what the Smart Control does on the ES20M (and the other smart dimmer switches) because I'm not sure I get it. I thought if I turned Smart Control off the light would operate as defi