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By PizzaNinja 3 weeks ago

HS200 installation - tip needed

Trying to install a smart wifi switch. Existing is a normal switch. Coming from the wall are 2 black wires (Line/Load), a copper ground wire and neutral. Wifi Switch has neutral (white), 2 black wires
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By RyanEverhart789 2022-03-21 18:22:09

Kasa Device Dump

I am in the process of selling my house and I will not be taking my light switches with me. Is there any way to get a dump of devices on my account so I can share them with the new home owner? I think
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By US_Beta 2021-11-30 01:09:40

Re:Cannot Add Smart Home Devices

@RyanEverhart789 Thanks for feedback! Could you please send me the models of your 20 TP-Link smart devices? If it's not convenient to post here, you can send an email to beta.usa@tp-link.com
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By hp08 2021-11-12 22:36:09

Re:Is there a view on the app where I can see the IP address of all devices?

@US_Beta are there plans to bring that capability to the app?
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By US_Beta 2021-11-10 03:00:31

Re:New Setup with Existing Deco Account

@RyanEverhart789 You don't have to remove the old ones. You may create another network on the app.
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By Berginj 2021-11-13 01:29:17

Re:Performance degraded

@Berginj OK so if I go to speed test. Net it shows as 450 on my device but this used to reg. Show 800 plus.