Omada Software Controller_V5.7.4 (Released On November 21st, 2022)

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Omada Software Controller_V5.7.4 (Released On November 21st, 2022)

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Omada Software Controller_V5.7.4 (Released On November 21st, 2022)
Omada Software Controller_V5.7.4 (Released On November 21st, 2022)
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This Article Applies to:


Omada_Software Controller_v5.7.4

  • Supported OS: Windows or Linux (64 bits recommended)


Release Notes:


  • New Feature/Enhancement


1. Added Dashboard for Hotspot Manager and adjusted the interface layout.

2. Added "Device Management Hostname/IP" option in Settings -> Controller -> Access Config.


With this feature enabled, Omada Controller will advertise the controller's IP address or domain name to Omada devices in Connected status, and the devices will then attempt to communicate with the controller via the IP address or domain name.

You can connect Omada devices to the same network with the Omada Controller, have the controller adopt the devices, then enable and set this option, and then take the devices to another site and these devices will automatically establish connections with the Controller upon power-up. This feature requires firmware updates to be released later.


3. Added support for Network Time Protocol and NTP server settings, which will take effect on Omada devices. This requires firmware updates to be released later.

4. Added support to send the Device Lists by Email in Settings --> Services --> Export Data.

5. Added support to "Check for Updates", which can be found via Settings --> Maintenance.

6. Added support for the following features to EAP, which requires firmware updates to be released later, except for the last one:

  • mDNS: You can create mDNS rules in AP type via Settings --> Services --> mDNS and select the Bonjour services to be forwarded, you can also create new Bonjour service types via Settings --> Profiles --> Bonjour Service. Please note that mDNS rules in AP type and Gateway type are mutually exclusive.
  • PMF: Protected Management Frames, provide protection for unicast and multicast management action frames.
  • Multicast/Broadcast Management: Multicast-to-Unicast Conversion, ARP-to-Unicast Conversion, and Multicast Filtering.
  • WPA-Enterprise supporting multiple RADIUS Authentication servers.
  • Batch Config of ETH Port Settings.


7. Added the Last Seen column to the Devices list.


8. To improve database performance, the "Delete Log" function and the maximum number of logs have been removed, and the logs are stored in two separate tables. Logs within 30 days are in the Current Logs table, while those older than 30 days are dumped into the History Logs table, and those that exceed the History Data Retention setting of log will be automatically deleted.


9. New parameters were added to the file, which can be found in the "installation folder/properties" path (this is only added by the Omada Controller in Windows OS):

  • Added support for defining the service IP address used by the Omada Controller when multiple IP addressees are available for the controller host. Edit the file, uncomment and edit the parameter to specify the IP address.
  • Added support for custom database names. Uncomment and edit the  and  parameters.


Please note that the file will be overwritten after each upgrade, and you need to modify the file again after the upgrade.


  • Bug Fixed


1. Corrected some translation errors.

2. Fixed the bug that EAPs were still excluded from AI WLAN Optimization if they used to be members of Mesh links.

3. Fixed the bug that unauthenticated clients could still access Facebook when connecting to other wireless networks with Portal Authentication enabled when Facebook Wi-Fi was created but disabled.


  • Notes


1) This version of the controller is applied to the Omada APP of version 4.4 or above.

2) Omada SDN Controller can only manage certain devices running the supported firmware. Please confirm that your device is compatible with the SDN Controller.

3) If you are upgrading from controller v3.x, it's highly recommended to upgrade 3.x to v4.1.5 first, then v4.1.5 to the latest 5.x. Please follow the Omada Controller Upgrade Guide in the installation package before upgrading.

4) Once upgraded to this version of Omada Controller, you will be NOT able to downgrade to version 3.2.17 or below.


Download Link:


Omada_SDN_Controller_V5.7.4_Windows   Full Release Note >

Omada_SDN_Controller_v5.7.4_Linux_x64.tar.gz   Full Release Note >

Omada_SDN_Controller_v5.7.4_Linux_x64.deb      Full Release Note >


To get notified with the new release of Omada Controller, welcome to subscribe to topic 245226.




Any further feedback on the new firmware, please feel free to start a new thread from HERE.

To get better assistance with your case, you may check Tips For Efficiently Reporting an Issue In The Community.


When reporting an issue, especially it's about firmware upgrade, it's suggested to include the following info:

-- Omada Controller version (previous and current)

-- Device Model(s) and Hardware

-- Device Firmware (previous and current)


Note: if you decide to downgrade the firmware before contacting the TP-Link support team, we suggest you save a copy of the current Log file* and Backup Config file** before you do that, which might be helpful to address the issue you suffered from the new firmware.


  • With Omada Controller v5.6 or later version,

you can export desensitized Running Logs and Config file under Settings > Maintenance > Export for Support.


  • With Omada Controller v5.5 or previous version,

*the Log file of Controller can be exported under Settings -> Services -> Export Data -> Running Log.

** The Backup Config file of Controller can be exported under Settings -> Maintenance via local access.


Thank you in advance for your great cooperation and support. See you in the forums soon!

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