Omada Software Controller_V5.3.1 (Released on May 7, 2022)

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Omada Software Controller_V5.3.1 (Released on May 7, 2022)

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Omada Software Controller_V5.3.1 (Released on May 7, 2022)
Omada Software Controller_V5.3.1 (Released on May 7, 2022)
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Omada_Software Controller_v5.3.1


  • Supported OS: Windows or Linux (64 bits recommended)


Release Notes:


  • New Feature/Enhancement


1. Increased the number of LAN in VLAN type to 256, added support for bulk VLAN creation, and optimized the configuration of Port Profile. Note that if you use ACLs with the binding type of VLAN, the switch's current firmware only supports up to 64 VLANs, updated firmware supporting up to 256 will be released later.
2. Added support for bulk PPSK creation.
3. Omada Controller will keep the private configuration of a device that was once managed by it and currently in the "Managed by Others" status.
4. Added "Duration Type" options for vouchers, with "Voucher Duration" and "Client Duration" optional.
5. Optimized the upgrading orders for Upgrade Schedule and Rolling Upgrade.

6. Adapted new features of Omada APP 4.2:

○ SSID Override

○ DHCP Reservation

○ WiFi Control

○ TP-Link Email service for Invitation and Password Reset
○ Configure Device Account when creating a new site
○ Display SN codes of devices managed by Omada Cloud-Based Controller

7. Updated the database encryption and optimized the login logs to enhance security.
8. Added support for Facebook Wi-Fi 2.0 for wired networks, which requires upgrading the Omada Gateway to the adapted firmware to be released later.
9. Updated some help information.
10. Optimized FTP configuration saving process.
11. Network Report performance optimization in a large network scale.
12. Support to detect software updates at customized schedule time.
13. Improved connection stability of Cloud Access by shortening the connection interval.
14. Optimized the Cookie notification.
15. Optimized compatibility with the browser's password autofill function.
16. Added manual speed test results to the Speed Test Statistics.
17. Optimized the Syslog format sent by the Controller. Reported Here.
18. Added support for saving "number/page" selections.
19. Added button to disable cloud-connection behavior. It requires upgrading the Omada devices to the adapted firmware.
20. Changed WMM to be on by default and cannot be turned off.
21. Optimized the configuration of Controller Hostname/IP (Settings -> Controller -> Access Config).
22. Upgraded spring-boot version to 2.6.6 and spring-framework version to 5.3.18. Mentioned Here.


  • Bug Fixed


1. Fixed the bug that clients connected to non-EAP wireless networks were not listed.
2. Fixed the bug that the Controller cannot be accessed via HTTPS using Chrome on MAC.
3. Fixed the bug that Insight -> Past Connections does not show association failure records.

4. Fixed the bug that the Controller may execute the deleted reboot schedule in certain cases. Reported Here and Here.
5. Fixed the bug that Omada Gateway may be disconnected after upgrading the Controller version to 5.0.30.
6. Fixed the bug that the portal customized page may be lost after upgrading Controller version from v4 to v5.
7. Fixed the bug that the Controller didn't send the Accounting-Request(stop) message when the client disconnected.
8. Fixed the bug that Omada Gateway traffic was zero on Controller 5.1.7.
9. Fixed the bug that TX/RX sum was the same as TX/RX throughput on Insight -> Switch Status page. Reported Here.


  • Notes


1) This version of the controller is applied to the Omada APP of version 4.2.X or above.

2) Omada SDN Controller can only manage certain devices running the supported firmware. Please confirm that your device is compatible with the SDN Controller.
3) If you are using an old Controller and plan to upgrade to this version, please follow the Omada Controller Upgrade Guide.

4) Once upgraded to this version of Omada Controller, you will be NOT able to downgrade to version 3.2.14 or below.


Download Link:


Omada_SDN_Controller_V5.3.1_Windows                Full Release Note >

Omada_SDN_Controller_V5.3.1_Linux_x64.tar      Full Release Note >

Omada_SDN_Controller_V5.3.1_Linux_x64.deb    Full Release Note >


To get the latest firmware release for Omada Controller, welcome to subscribe to topic 245226.





Any further feedback on the new firmware, please feel free to start a new thread from HERE.


When reporting an issue, especially it's about firmware upgrade, it's suggested to include the following info:

-- Omada Controller version (previous and current)

-- Device Model(s) and Hardware

-- Device Firmware (previous and current)


Note: if you decide to downgrade the firmware before contacting the TP-Link support team, we suggest you save a copy of the current Log file* and Backup Config file** before you do that, which might be helpful to address the issue you suffered from the new firmware.


* The Log file of Controller can be exported under Settings -> Services -> Export Data -> Running Log.

** The Backup Config file of Controller can be exported under Settings -> Maintenance via local access.


Thank you in advance for your great cooperation and support!

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