Omada Software Controller_V5.13.30.8 (Released on Feb 5, 2024)

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Omada Software Controller_V5.13.30.8 (Released on Feb 5, 2024)

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Omada Software Controller_V5.13.30.8 (Released on Feb 5, 2024)
Omada Software Controller_V5.13.30.8 (Released on Feb 5, 2024)
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This Article Applies to


Omada_SDN_Controller_v5.13.30.8_Windows (Windows 7/8/10/11/Server, 64bit Recommended)

Omada_SDN_Controller_v5.13.30.8_Linux_x64.tar.gz (Ubuntu 16.04/18.04/22.04, Debian 8/9/10)

Omada_SDN_Controller_v5.13.30.8_Linux_x64.deb (Ubuntu 16.04/18.04/22.04, Debian 8/9/10)


Release Notes


New Feature


1. Added support for Layer-3 Switches: SG6428X, SG6428XHP, SG6654X, SG6654XHP, SX6632YF.
2. Added support for Layer-3 Switch features: ■ QoS ■ VRRP ■ OSPF ■ STACK ■ STP Extension



1. Optimized the PUBLIC IP ADDRESS column in Devices List.
2. Optimized the validation rules for WAN Static IP address, allowing setting to Static IP with a 31-bit network mask.

3. Optimized the Global View for viewer account, allowing users with Viewer permissions to see the Sites they can access in the Global View.
4. Optimized the name of "AI WLAN Optimization" to "WLAN Optimization", removed the Schedule module.
5. Optimized the PMF mode automatic selection logic and the prompts when PMF/WPA mode changes.
6. Optimized the Controller version number to 4 digits, the Backup files are compatible when the first three digits are identical, improving Site import and migration.
7. Optimized the clarity of some texts and icons in Dark mode.


Bug Fixed

1. Fixed the issue that configuration can’t be sent to the Router and reports “The configurations of device are different from the configuration from the controller”.
2. Fixed the issue that some models’ firmware can’t be upgraded online, but only through manual upgrade.
3. Fixed the issue that the clients can’t connect the SSID with MAC Filtering under some certain configuration steps.
4. Fixed the issue that Controller takes up a lot of disk space after running for a long time.
5. Fixed the issue that LTE models lose the Internet after changing the Rate Limit via Open API.

6. Fixed the issue that the Tx Power (EIRP) setting of the EAP changes to High after the reboot, although the actual EIRP maintains.

7. Fixed the issue that Batch Config of WLAN Group doesn’t work for EAPs.

8. Fixed the issue of the display error of some models in Device Map.

9. Fixed the issue of failing to create SSID via Open API.




1. This version of the Controller is fully applied to the Omada APP of version 4.14 or above.

2. Omada SDN Controller can only manage certain devices running the supported firmware. Please confirm that your device is compatible with the SDN Controller.

3. For Windows version, Java 8 (or OpenJDK-8) and above are required 64 bit is highly recommended. How to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for Omada SDN Controller on Windows?

4. For Linux version, 64-bit Linux OS is supported and Java 8 (or OpenJDK-8) and above, MongoDB v3 and v4 are necessary required. How to install Omada SDN controller on Linux system (above Controller 5.0.29)

5. If you are upgrading from controller v3.x, it's highly recommended to upgrade 3.x to v4.1.5 first, then v4.1.5 to the latest 5.x. Please follow the Omada Controller Upgrade Guide in the installation package before upgrading.


Firmware Upgrade


Before the Upgrade

(1) For the sake of insurance, it's always recommended to save a copy of the controller Backup Config file before upgrade or downgrade.

(2) You may follow the following guide to upgrade your Omada Controller. How to Upgrade or Downgrade Omada SDN Controller


Firmware Download Link


  • Direct Download

     Omada_SDN_Controller_V5.13.30.8_Windows               Full Release Note >

     Omada_SDN_Controller_v5.13.30.8_Linux_x64.deb      Full Release Note >

     Omada_SDN_Controller_v5.13.30.8_Linux_x64.tar.gz   Full Release Note >


  • Download From TP-Link Global "EN" Website:


Additional Information

Any further questions or assistance needed with Omada SDN Controller, please feel free to contact TP-Link Tech Support by submitting a support ticket or connect with community by clicking Start a New Thread in the Business Community forums.


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