Help to improve an existing outdoor wifi network

Help to improve an existing outdoor wifi network

Help to improve an existing outdoor wifi network
Help to improve an existing outdoor wifi network
2023-03-28 19:16:03 - last edited 2023-03-28 19:31:33
Model: EAP225-Outdoor  
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I called and spoke to someone yesterday about our existing outdoor wifi network and received some very helpful information.


Our existing wifi network was designed by TP Link support (UK) in 2019. 


Please see the attached map for reference.


We supply wifi internet to our three fishing lakes using one 4G box. The 4G internet box is located in Cabin 1 on the island of Lake 2. This is connected using CPE210’s to Cabin 2 and Cabin 3 where the CPE's are connected to wifi routers. At cabin 3, a powerline adapter is connected to the router and the signal is then transmitted to the power line adapters on Cabin 4 and Cabin 5. The distance from Cabin 3 to Cabin 5 is 330m but to our advantage the cable is 16mm. The signal isn’t perfect as indicated by the slow flashing light on the AV600 and so I'd like a better solution. We initially used CPE210’s between Cabin 1 and Cabin 5 but these didn’t work in summer when there were a lot of leaves on the trees and the signal was lost.  


I'm thinking now about removing the powerline adapters and I'm considering EAP225 Outdoor or the EAP610 Outdoor as a solution. Do both of these have 360 degree beam width? With 360 degree beam width does that mean the signals could effectively 'bend' around the tree obstruction in the direct line of sight? We've cleared a lot of trees but there are still some obstructing the direct view. I see the only real advantage of the 610 is wifi 6? I was also recommended to look at the soon to be released Deco X50 outdoor but I don't think these will offer the same range as the EAP and not suitable for my installation?


Useful distances:

Cabin 1 to Cabin 5 - 200 metres

Cabin 1 to Cabin 2 - 65 metres

Cabin 1 to Cabin 3 - 145 metres

Cabin 3 to Cabin 4 - 40 metres


I realise that technology has moved on and that we could improve our wifi offering across the entire site with Mesh.

If we were to use 3 x EAP225 Outdoor located at Cabins 1, 3 and 5, the furthest any of the camping sports would be from an EAP is 130 metres. So would this work and offer seamless wifi everywhere?


What additional equipment would be required? I guess that with these we would no longer require the routers in cabins 3 and 5?



Thanks in advance for your help.


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Re:Help to improve an existing outdoor wifi network
2023-03-29 07:38:10



Hi, EAP225-Outdoor is OK, outdoor EAP wifi coverage radius is 150m, you can use mesh feature to connect EAPs wirelessly.

Check this: Frequently Asked Questions about EAP Mesh Network


And this solution post may help you.



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