Slow or Unstable SFP WAN/LAN on Omada Routers

Slow or Unstable SFP WAN/LAN on Omada Routers

Slow or Unstable SFP WAN/LAN on Omada Routers
Slow or Unstable SFP WAN/LAN on Omada Routers
2023-09-19 03:14:35 - last edited 2023-10-16 07:56:19

This Article Applies to:

All business routers with SFP compatibility.


Issue Description:


Internet speed is slow on SFP WAN/LAN. Typically, you will experience a slower speed test on SFP WAN. However, if you use the ISP provided modem or device, the speed test is expected. 




1. Check the Omada router firmware if it is up to date.

It is recommended to check your firmware and keep it up to date to avoid known issues and bugs.


2. Confirm the maximum SFP link speed the Omada router hardware supports.

Please note that not all models are compatible with SFP speeds of 2.5Gbps or 5Gbps. If your device is SFP+ (10Gbps), it is recommended to use the SFP+ module.


3. Check if the SFP module is suitable for the router.

Certain models/brands of SFP modules may have compatibility issues. You should verify the module compatibility based on similar feedback on the forum or the Internet. As far as we know, the TP-Link modules are compatible with the SFP. Additionally, you can find information about the recommended SFP module for each product in the datasheet, typically listed at the end of the document for your reference.


4. Check the link speed after connecting the SFP modules and fiber.

When dealing with a fiber link, it's crucial to ensure that the link speed is correctly configured on both ends. Incorrect link speeds can lead to inaccurate results during speed tests. If, for any reason, the fiber link fails to negotiate the correct link speed automatically, it is highly advisable to manually configure the link speed to the appropriate value to ensure accurate and consistent performance.


5. Enable the Flow Control.

You can enable Flow Control in your WAN settings to potentially enhance the results of fiber line speed tests. It is advisable to activate this feature if the speed is not meeting your expectations. Please be aware that certain models come with Flow Control enabled by default when in Controller mode. For more specific information, consult the model's Release Notes.


If the issue still exists after you try the suggestion above, please feel free to comment below or contact our support team with a detailed description of your issue and the steps you have tried.


Thank you in advance for your valuable feedback!



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