Internal CCTV viewing

Internal CCTV viewing

Internal CCTV viewing
Internal CCTV viewing
3 weeks ago
Model: ER7206 (TL-ER7206)  
Hardware Version:
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Hi All,


I'm having a bit of a blank moment. 

Client has omada system, OC200 ER7206, with a TL-Sg2428p connected via fibre to an sg2210p. Several VLANs setup with switch ACLs to keep all separate, all VLANs have access to WAN. 

NVR is connected to the 2428p, port is configured for VLAN 12 which is the clients 'home' network.  
CCTV is setup for remote viewing via a P2P service from the NVR manufacturer. P2P servicing working correctly, externally. Once my client is connected via Wi-Fi to VLAN12, it fails to connect.  

I have added another SSID that belongs to another VLAN (15) to my clients local EAP and the P2P service works correctly when connected to a different VLAN. 

what am I missing here? Usually it ends up being the opposite way around with CCTV clients and it's not accessible externally, which is usually down to port forwarding failure. 

Any help would be much appreciated. 




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Re:Internal CCTV viewing
3 weeks ago

Hi @Sam_Orange 

Thanks for posting in our business forum.

Externally, it is working, so this means that your device is accessing the IPC/NVR over the public server IP address. Am I correct in understanding your description?

Then if you are connected to the same VLAN interface, VLAN 12, you access the NVR/IPC, how do you access it? Is it still accessing the public IP address or via the LAN IP address?

That's my question about your NVR. This should be answered before we think of a way to address it.

Can you draw a path of how your P2P works?

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