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By sclawrenc 2021-02-12 22:29:37

Omada Controller Options on Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB

Hello everyone, I just purchased two EAP225 to setup in my home, and I would like to explore installing the Omada Controller software on my Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB. What is currently the best option f
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By symbiotic_ic 2021-02-16 08:44:29

MongoDB v4.x Compatibility (Raspberry Pi)

Hello, MongoDB v3.6.x is pre-compiled for ARM64 (e.g., a Raspberry Pi) only for Ubuntu 16.04. (from the official mongoDB website) MongoDB v4.4.x is pre-compiled for ARM64 for Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04. Mong
Forums/ WiFi
By symbiotic_ic 2021-02-06 09:34:59

EAP620 HD Missing Many 5GHz Channels

Hello, Upon trying to configure my new EAP620 HD I see there are only four 5GHz channels available to select: 36, 40, 44, 48. All others are missing. It appears to be a bug. The limitation is there wh
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By symbiotic_ic 2021-02-04 08:55:05

Client Not Showing in Omada SDN

Hello, I have a strange bug: I have a client (Raspberry Pi running Raspbian 10) that is not showing up in my client list on Omada. The client is located in "Clients 4" below: I can ping the Omada SDN
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By symbiotic_ic 2021-02-03 10:58:25

Large Client History Traffic Errors

Hello! I have recently put this together: - Omada Controller v4.2.8 (Ubuntu 18.04 on a Raspberry Pi 3B) - (1) TL-R605 (v1.0.0 firmware) - (1) TL-SG2008 V3 (v3.0.0 firmware) (connected to the TL-R605 c