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By mjbutsch a week ago

need help setting up OpenVPN server

I am trying to setup openVPN server on this router and am not sure what values i should use for local network and IP pool to make it work. Can someone point me to any setup guides, etc. ? Thank you, M
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By gwbuk 2 weeks ago

OC200 System Settings -> HTTPS Certificate Renew?

I have SSL Certificate & Key succesfully installed and working for accessing the controller UI. The certificate expires every so often and needs renewing and currently I have to do this manually via a
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By Bruno-Soares 2 weeks ago

Multiple Wifi SSID/Multiple VLAN´s

I= would like to improve the home network, I want to separate it into VLAN's. I see that I need the following hardware items: - 1 controller (oc 200) - 1 router (er 605) - 1 manageable switch (jetst
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By BigBillSD 3 weeks ago

VLAN & LAN ports, I can only chose 1 vlan. Where is the All option via Omada Gui.

I was expecting that the LAN ports on the ER605 could be Trunk ports to the Switches connected to it. But it seems I can only chose a single PVID at a time, VLAN 1, VLAN 20 or VLAN 30. I want it to in
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By muzicman0 2024-01-29 16:11:58

[BUG?]Wireguard VPN Controller Dashboard Widget wrong

I just set up a Wireguard VPN using the Omada Controller and Gateway (ER7206 Firmware 1.4.0). On the dashboard widget, it shows connections as active even after I have disconnected them. Is there a fi
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By muzicman0 2024-01-18 04:50:56

EAP225-Outdoor mount horizontal in top of a structure?

I am wanting to mount an EAP225-Outdoor on top of a Pergola structure at our office building. Will it handle the weather in this configuration? Will it handle the sun on it? I live in Southern Califor