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By Wieca 2020-03-20 15:23:48

How to move omada controler to other TP-Link ID ?

At first - sorry for my english. We have several offices in our organization with running networks based on OC200 controllers. Since the person who had previously supervised these networks changed the
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By JessieG 2020-03-21 02:28:20

Is this an initial hack or setting up for hacking the network?

Hi guys, I'm not sure if they are trying to hack or are looking for bugs in my WIFI network, but its very suspicious. I've observed that in the new firmware most of the clients that are auto-connect t
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By hashrack 2020-03-22 12:07:23

Bug on Portal Text Color (Welcome Information and Copyright)

If Picture selected have white background, Welcome Information text is displayed while Copyright text is not displayed or not visible. If Solid Color is set to white, Welcome Information text is not d
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By sportq 2020-03-19 09:32:49

EAP245 doesn't work on firmware newer than 2.2.0 Build 20190530 Rel. 56122

Setup: two EAP245 V3's and an EAP225-Wall V2 managed by a controller running 3.2.6. One of the EAP245's has never been stable after updating the firmware. If I remember correctly it had 2.2.0 Build 20
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By Ruediger 2020-03-18 11:48:06

Reseller lists Auranet as "end of life"

Our Reseller lists Auranet "end of life", will Auranet replaced by Omada?
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By sebastiaan 2020-03-18 08:44:45

EAP330 can't connect to network with windows 10

Hi Support, I have two EAP330. When connecting to them in W10 with laptop I get "can't connect to network". This happens frequently. Also the connection drops and laptop wants to reconnect. I have set