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By columcille Thursday


Hi, When i press connect on my smart phone it searches and then i get a message failed to obtain ip address can anybody help me out please.
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By Manfred 2019-02-23 20:57:37

EAP225 V3 Web-UI - What is a Guest Network ?

In the Web-UI of the recent firmware 2.40 of EAP225 under "Wireless - Wireless Settings - SSID xyz" there is one checkbox called "Guest Network". However, none of the user manuals and available docume
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By RCGC 18 hours ago

EAP 330 keep disconecting

Hi, I have an Access Point network of 12 units with EAP330 access points. they are managed by Software could controller 3.0.5 installed on a windows server, and I have access points constantly disconn
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By JaypeeMaestre Yesterday

OC200 on EAP220 Hotspot Portal (Web Page not available)

Hi all, Please help me! First, I use EAP220 on omada controller on PC, it run good and no problem. I decided to use OC200 or the Cloud controller so that i will not use Old PC as my controller as it c
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By wispot a week ago

External Web Portal w/ Controller

Hi, I'm trying to configure an external portal on my Controller Omada, each one of the steps in this article below is working, except the step 10. Article: Source code template for External Web Portal
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By KimInWis a week ago

TP-Link EAP110-Outdoor Access Point Keeps Disconnecting

Model: EAP110-Outdoor Hardware Version: V1 Firmware Version: 1.2.0 Build 20180418 Rel. 74942(5553) My TP-Link EAP110-Outdoor Access Point Keeps Disconnecting from my wireless router. I have to power t