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By tallmand Thursday

Using Omada in a Service Provider environment

We are a managed service provider involved in many wi-fi deployments. I have recently set up our first Omada test network and working through the steps of learning how to use it to our advantage. One
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By newlinux a week ago

Switching from Linux Community Version 2.7.0 to 3.1.4

I have been running community version 2.7.0, but there are some features in 3.1.4 I'd like to use. What is the best way to upgrade and retain my settings DB? Can I just install the deb or do I need to
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By tallmand Tuesday


Brand new to Omada. Looking at it for providing services to clients. I have ordered a few different models and looking forward to getting them set up. I have been looking through the options and one t
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By CSNI a week ago

OC200 - v3.1.4 - How to unbind facebook account on portal page ?

Hello, I want to replace a facebook account of authentication by the portal. I can't find a method to disconnect the existing facebook account. Thank you in advance for your support
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By Udo 2 weeks ago

EAP225-Wall-AP AC1200 mit 100MBit-Ports?

Leider habe ich erst nach dem Kauf und Anschluss bemerkt, dass in einem Accesspoint der mehrere 100 MBit (300/800) WLAN-Traffic je Band unterstützen soll tatsächlich nur mit 100 MBit-Ports ausgestatte
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By Mister_Slowhand a week ago

EAP245 : some devices unstable

Hi, I have some troubles with my EAP infrastructure. On some devices, the connection is very unstable, they can't get connected. It happens very often on my main smartphone (2.4GHz only, Android P), o