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By markimark Friday

Do not understand the concept

Hi there. I am not blonde but this subject is very complicated. I live in a house with WIFI installed. I use some TP-Link Repeater. Now I want to extend my WIFI to the garden. The WIFI at the pool is
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By T0ddly Friday

Enable DFS channels for EAP225-V3 US

When can we expect access to using DFS channels for the US version of EAP225-V3? Enabling these DFS channels could be very useful to me. Thanks! Todd
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By forrest Thursday

How to successfully open Omada Discovery Utility?

This Article Applies to: EAP110_V1/V2/V4, EAP115_V1/V2/V4, EAP225_V1/V2/V3, EAP225-Outdoor_V1, EAP110-Outdoor_V1/V3, EAP245_V1/V3, EAP115-Wall_V1(EU), EAP225-Wall_V2, EAP320_V1/V2, EAP330_V1/V2. Start
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By TheWifiNoob a week ago

AP Configuration not possible - OMADA Controller - EAP225- Outdoor

Hi guys, I would like to deploy a mesh network with my Vodafone Router (CH6640E Wireless Gateway Series) and 2x EAP225-Outdoor Do you have any idea why I can`t see any EAP at Step 3 of the Omada Contr
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By bbjames7 a week ago

EAP225 Outdoor w/ Omada Controller Captive Portal Load Times

Hi all, a number of users and I have noticed that I've noticed that it sometimes may take up to 30 seconds for the captive portal to appear. In all instances, the device has established a connection w
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By forrest a week ago

Omada Controller 3.2.1(Windows) has been released.

Dear friends, We are glad to share you that we have published Omada Controller 3.2.1 (Windows), which mainly optimizes the performance of the Omada Controller to manage up to 1500 EAPs. 1. You can dow