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By Powerauditor 2020-03-10 16:04:06

Re:How to Configure Omada Controller as a Windows Service(above Controller 2.5.4)

@jonas Qucik question, what service or process do i need to stop if I want to upgrade Omada Controller? mangod.exe or java.exe or both?
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By mfosa 2020-03-13 15:57:22

Cooling Off Period after Successful Login

Hello! I am wondering if there is a way to enact a cooling-off period after a successful login. For example, after a successful 2-hour login, the same person can only re-login after a 1 hour cooling o
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By Pascal 2020-03-09 14:28:52

Give a graph of load performance for OC200

My OC200 don't refresh users list correctly. I need to use the reconnect device to be able to see if the device is still connected or moved out from the EAP Wifi connection. Is there a way to analyse
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By Byteguy 2020-03-10 21:02:44

Number of clients and volume of traffic in a mesh network

We have our mesh network in the marina almost set up. There is one root-AP and 3 wireless APs. The client has no real grasp of the number of connections they will need. I have read that the mesh will
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By APRC-P3-Tel 2020-03-10 08:52:21

OC200's Batch Software upgrade for APs feature may need some improvment in Reliability

One of our controllers has 48 EAP-225 Outdoor APs. Today morning, when we logged into the controller cloud interface it showed up a new 2020-Jan-13 firmware upgrade avaialbility and we used "Batch Upg
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By GarrickB 2020-03-07 16:52:03

Unable to set up cluster mode

Hi. I am struggling with setting up the Cluster Mode on my EAPs. I've changed SSID to the same name, but when I log into the web interface I don't have the 'Cluster' tab available.