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Re:TL-R605 v1.0 unable to add to Omada Controller (Not compatible)

@Fae I'm running a HW controller on version 4.2.11 and the TL-R605 router is still on v1.0.0 I'm getting the exact same issue the original poster mention including the error. I've power cycled the rou
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By Rikhardt a week ago

OC200 system time do not change to summertime

After switching to summertime the system time is still the same. I have rebooted the whole system, but it still shows the "wintertime". This is for UTC +1. The problem with this is that i have some wi
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By SWIL a week ago

Re:OC200 FW Ver: 1.7.0 not updating DST time. Caused scheduled backup to fail.

I'm having the same issue. OC200 1.0 1.7.4 Build 20210118 Rel.72627 Time doesn't update after change to summertime. Configured a time server, but this doesn't make a difference...
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By joefitz 2 weeks ago

Some clients and dhcp lease info from tl-r605 missing in omada controller

I can't seem to find a list of DHCP leases when using omada controller running on linux with a TL-R605. If i navigate to /login#clients, I see a list of some of the clients. Reload, I see a list of so
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By xperiments a week ago

I cannot connect with VPN at TL-R605 omada router

Hello, As I had mentioned I am inexperienced in TP-Link products. My scenario is the following: I have a TL-R605 omada router which is connected to a DSL router in port WAN, and in port LAN of router
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By RubenW 2 weeks ago

Pharos CPE510 unstable connection

Hello, I have a client with a camping site. We installed 10 EAP 225 outdoor acces points in mesh mode, with 2 wired ap's. This is controlled by an omada controller. To reduce the wireless connections