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By linkteepee Sunday

EAP620 HD Canadian Firmware?

Hey all, I've purchased 5 EAP620 HD's, some from Newegg Canada, some from Amazon Canada. All of the model numbers printed on the back of the AP'S have "EAP620 (US)". However, once I adopted all of the
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By Benje Saturday

EAP225 firmware - How annoying is this.

Hello all During the install of my mini home EAP network (2 x EAP , OC200 and 8 POE switch) and I must admit that I am a bit OCD. Both my EAPs were bought a week or so apart from a major online store
/ Omada Cloud SDN
By Bebe1980 a week ago

Re:You have mail ... not

@John1234 Hi, Sure, I am running Omada Controller 4.4.3 as a service on Windows 10 pro using the NSSM EAP 110 V (US) V3.0 5.0.1 Outdoor Version. I'm using the Controller software because we want to us
/ Omada Cloud SDN
By MLee 2 weeks ago

Re:Unable to ping/communicates between the devices connected to the Omada Network

@BeppeTPL I have a Canon MF634CDW which had the same issue. I couldn't print wireless when connected to any of my EAP225s (2 indoor units & 2 outdoor units). The printer is connected to the 2.4 GHz ne
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By nutzich a week ago

Omada SDN - forwarding port list for siwitches

Hello TP-Link, are there plans to implement a "forwarding port list" for the port-isolation feature, like the one in switch standalone mode? I kindly look forward to your reply. Here a picture of the

tl-SG116E RxBadPkt

Hello to all, I have a TL-SG116E switch connected to another switch tl-sg108E. I have error feedback from different applications and I just discovered that I have a high number of "rxbadpkt". I attach