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By dpsguard Yesterday

2428P Copper SFP issues

Hello all, I have the new SDN supported switch model and I have challenges when I am trying to use SFP ports. I am able to successfully use fiber SFP ports using Cisco and FS.com transceivers that I h
/ Omada Cloud SDN
By westforest 15 hours ago

Re:WLAN Schedule not working consistently

This stopped working entirely, even after I used "radio off" schedule. Really frustrating. Was intending to expand my AP to other locations. Apparently need to find other options.
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By Overlandr Yesterday

EAP620 HD and EAP660 HD release

Hello, Is there a release date for the new WiFi 6 AX APs (EAP660 HD & EAP620 HD)? They say coming soon and all info I can find says they were meant to be released Q1 2020, now its Q4. Anyone have any
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By Precison23 2020-09-23 21:09:24

Resetting the OC200 SDN Dashboard Association Failures Widget

On the OC200 SDN Dashboard, I have a widget on the Overview page for Association Failures. I want to reset that to -0-, and have searched the user manual and online and cannot figure out how to reset
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By Arnaud17 Tuesday

Omada captive portal multi languages and/or text edition

Hello, I'm french and the captive portal connection interface for user is in English. Everybody don't speack english, maybe do the possibility to edit the text. See of that's a Omada coud control, the
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By Lyrio Wednesday

Inter VLAN routing & switch virtual interfaces

Hi I want to create a network with few VLANS (guest, corporate, employees, etc) using a T1500G-10PS switch. My router will be a TL-R470t+ connected to this switch. This router needs to be the internet