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By Fae Yesterday

Tips For Efficiently Reporting an Issue In The Community.

Hey there! Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newbie within our Community, welcome! I'd like to share some tips for efficiently reporting an issue to help make the most out of your Community experien
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By invid Yesterday

Failed ER7206 firmware upgrade and unadoption

Hello, I tried to upgrade the firmware of an ER7206 v1.0 gateway from its Omada Controller and it failed. It tried a second time after a reboot and now the device is no longer adopted. I've tried to r
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OMADA software has a vulnerability in the HOTSPOT, when the VOUCHER time expires the OMADA system does not block access to social networks, the HOTSPOT client continues to use social networks for free

TP-Link ER605 V1 connection problems after firmware upgrade

Hello guys, I have the following problem with my TP-Link ER605 V1 (TL-R605) Omada Gigabit VPN Router; every time I upgrade the firmware from ER605(UN)_V1_1.1.1_20210723 to ER605(UN)_V1_1.2.0 Build 202

TL-R600VPN: No SHA2 availiable, only insecure SHA1 ?

Hello, do i see this right: the TL-R600VPN has no SHA2 implementation for VPN, only SHA1 (which ist insecure)? Do i have to change the router model? Does TL-R605 support SHA2 ? Regards, Micky

Re:LACP Issue

@Fae Yes, that is correct. port 3+4 on TL-SX3008F and port 25+26 on the TL-SG3428XMP, when I enable LACP or LAG the TL-SG3428XMP becomes unresponsive. I am using flyprofiber DACs that I bought here ht