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2018-01-08 19:13:12
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At first, I bought a set of three passthrough (I think it was TP-LINK TL-PA4010PKIT)
I connected one of them on the router and the other two to my desktop and my satellite receiver,
afterwards I bought another set of two and connected the one of them to my laptop,

the desktop and the satellite receiver are off for the most part,
but on my laptop I've noticed disconnects (middle light off on both my laptop and the router) at random times and
while I'm connected and using the internet,

I pressed the button on the powerlines (both for 10 sec and for immediately) in order to pair them again,
it didn't work, I removed them both from the plugs, it didn't work either,
I tried with the utility and pressing the reset button from there, no success,
this happened both on sunday (when I had turned on both desktop and satellite receiver) and today morning
(nothing else was on besides laptop and router)

I opened the utility and disabled the power saving feature on the one that's
connected to my router,

any (other) suggestions?
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2019-06-20 11:51:59
so, much time has passed but the problem remains, from time to time there are disconnects, can someone help? what can I do?
2019-06-24 09:27:17



What are their model numbers? 


Usually, we only need connect one adapter to the main router by wired cable and make other units work as receivers.


What is the light status of the powerline adapters when the connection lost? If the middle one off, have you ever tried to change another power socket to plug it? 


Meanwhile, what about their stability when they are located in the same room?


Besides, please press the pair button for 1s to pair them. Instruction as below: 



There is an instruction you can refer to to narrow down the issue as well. 



May it help and have a nice day. 


2019-06-24 09:42:57 - last edited 2019-06-24 09:43:32

well, they are TL-PA4010P ones,

I've got a set of 3 and a set of 2,


and of course I've got one adapter connected to the main router (living room) and

three others connected to a desktop computer (office room), a laptop (bedroom) and a satellite receiver (bedroom),

all of them are receivers of course,

they can't be located in the same room of course,

if this was the case, the powerline would be useless..


the fifth one is used as a replacement,

but I haven't seen any imporement no matter what I've tried


I think the light status remains on..


I've also got the latest firmware too


My guess would be that it's the "all time classic" issue of the powerline disconnections,

I couldn't find any other solution, so I followed the only one posted online:

pinging the router from my laptop contiuously, in order to keep the connection alive,

the problem seems to be that the powerline can't keep the connection alive,

even if the power-save feature is turned off of course

2019-06-25 10:46:33



What about the light status of the powerline adapters when they disconnects? 


Do they all lose connection or just some specific one?


It is suggested to move them into the same room to do a troubleshooting and test their performance and stability.


Meanwhile, please check the powerline link rate among them via the tpPLC utility. 



Please ensure that the firmware is up to date. 


Besides, when and where did you buy them? 


Good day. 




2019-06-25 11:02:36 - last edited 2019-06-25 11:07:54



light status doesn't change, so the powerline should think that it is connected, while it isn't


I can't tell you what happens to the other ones, because I either would work on my desktop or


on my laptop or watch tv (satellite),


however I can tell you that disconnections happen on my laptop only

(even though I even changed the powerline device),


I haven't experienced disconnections on my desktop or on satellite receiver


(however, I spent more time on the laptop than on the other two)



also, I can't move them all to the same room, obviously, due to space issues,


if I could, then powerline adapters would be useless to me


I've also checked with the tpPLC utility,


I'm gettting around 450mbps among the desktop, laptop and the router,

all of them are on different rooms,


it's been a while since I use my satellite receiver, so I guess it shut down itselft


I bought them in Greece:

tp-link av500+ powerline 3-pack Monday, November 14, 2016 and

tp-link powerline tl-pa4010pkit v2 Tuesday, September 19, 2017


and as I said, I've got the latest firmware installed


anyway, as I said pinging the router contiuously fixes the issue,


since I started pinging it, there were no issues,


so, in my opinion, you should stop checking my end and check what in your powerline software


causes it to lose the connection from time to time, 


even though power-saving is turned off!


I don't want it to fall asleep, I want it to keep the connection forever,


no matter if I'm using it or not,


why isn't it possible?

2019-06-25 21:49:51

the problem is I can't use the constant router gateway ping from my mobile,


(because my mobile uses the same network too),


and I've had another disconnection today after switching of my laptop,


so, I changed the plug for now,


let's see how it goes there

2019-06-27 08:08:28



Considering the firmware is the latest one and the powerline link rate among the powerline adapters is good, the troubleshooting should be done on the laptop cause only the laptop has the disconnection issue. You can exchange the positions between the unit (which laptop connected to) and the other unit.


Besides, you can try  to update the driver of the built-in network adapter on the laptop.


If still the same, I'm afraid that there is not much we can do. Try to contact retailer or the local tech support to check the warranty. 


Nice day. 

2019-06-27 08:11:57

no buddy, it's not the laptop's fault at all, because I've noticed numerous disconnections on my mobile too


(this powerline provides internet to a wifi access point,


which my mobile connects to and there were disconnections on that too)



anyway, as I've said I plugged it into another socket (and disabled to constant ping of course) and currently monitoring,


for the last couple of days I didn't have a single disconnection 

2019-06-28 02:03:06

alright, considering the powerline adapter works constantly after you changed another wall sockets, you can take more time to test the performance.


Any updates, just let us know. 



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