M7350 v3.0 not connecting to the internet

M7350 v3.0 not connecting to the internet
M7350 v3.0 not connecting to the internet
2018-01-28 05:19:25
Model : M7350

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Can anyone help with my M7350 v3.0 not connecting to the internet. I'm using Windows 10 which is fully updated. It was connecting a week ago. I've been away, switched it on and now it won't connect. Key facts as follows...

1. The device shows the mobile network on the display and four bars 4G so I assume it is connected to the mobile network. My phone, which is a shared sim on the same tariff, connects ok so the problem isn't with 'EE'. I've also swapped the sim cards to check.
2. The wifi network shows up in the list of available networks in Windows 10.
3. When I connect a device via Windows 10 it shows one connected on the M7350 display (a 1 by the wifi signal image).
4. Windows 10 shows connected but no internet (yellow triangle symbol is present)
5. I cannot get to the log in screen of the M7350...I've tried tplinkmifi.net and
6. When checking my network settings there is no IPv4 address. I've tried assigning manually but still cannot log in to the device. I've also tried via a USB cable (on another laptop running Windows 7).
7. I've tried resetting the device and removing the battery for a period of time.
8. I have attempted to update the firmware so see if it resolved any on-board software issues but you can't do this without logging in to the device.

Can anyone help. Just want to make sure I've not missed something silly before I return it.

Thanks in advance.

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Re:M7350 v3.0 not connecting to the internet
2018-02-01 17:22:26
seems like something wrong with your pc(windows 10)