Power Line Extenders - Max Speed drop over time

Power Line Extenders - Max Speed drop over time
Power Line Extenders - Max Speed drop over time
2019-04-30 16:11:11
Model: TL-PA4010
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version: 1.2



I have got my power line extenders set up and they have a connection between the two. Both are 1 Ethernet port out/input.


When I first set them up they had the full internet speed going between them (36Mbps) , however after a day or so the max speed drops to around 5Mbps.


This is then resolved by unplugging one of the extenders and plugging it back in, which then returns it to full speed. Meaning that it is not a peak time of day issue.


I could not find anything else on this, do you have any recommendations on how to maintain the maximum possible speed. 



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Re:Power Line Extenders - Max Speed drop over time
2019-05-05 08:49:55



What is the light status of the PA4010 when the speed slows down?


At that time, please check the powerline rate between them and the speed you can get from the main router directly.

Note:You need download the tpPLC utility to check the powerline rate. https://www.tp-link.com/en/support/download/tl-pa4010-kit/#Utility


Besides, it is recommended to disable the power saving mode and enable the Lower PLC-to-VDSL interference Mode.




What is more, you can move them into the same room to test their performance or change another sockets to give it a shot. 


Any updates, please let us know. 


Have a nice day.