AV600 speed problems

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AV600 speed problems
AV600 speed problems
2019-05-19 07:22:21
Hardware Version: V4
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Hello All,


I just brought an AV600 TL-PA4010P KIT and set it up in my house. After plugging it into the wall, it just connects instantly and after connected to the router and to the PC and everything is working. Great start.


However. Using the Speedtest by Ookla application it seems that while my ping is 8, my download speed is exactly 10Mbps and the upload is exactly 0.2Mbps. My internet plan is az 500Mbps one, and we can download fast enough with direct ethernet connection to the router.


The PC has a gigabit ethernet adapter, if I use a cable all over the house and plug it into the very same port into the router, I get normal up and download speeds (350/100Mbps).


Even more strange that after checking the tpPLC utility, it shows that the bandwidth between the two adapters is between 200-220Mbps.


So there is a copule of questions here:

- If the tpPLC utility shows 200Mbps, is it normal tho get 10Mbps effectively?

- Is it normal to have 10 vs 0.2 Mbps in download and upload. The difference here is 50x?

- Isn't is suspicious that the effective DL speed is exactly 10Mbps? (plus/minus 0.02, tried 10 times) Like if the LAN port of the adapter is 10Mbps, not 100Mbps.


Thank you.

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Re:AV600 speed problems
2019-05-20 03:51:30



For your information, the 4010Pkit use the 100Mbps ethernet port, that means the maximum speed you can get won't be larger than 100Mbps. 



The powerline link rate is not the actual speed/transfer speed, while it will affect them a lot. Like some other interference. 


While back to the case, we can do further analysis and try to speed it up.


With one computer connected to the 4010P by cable, please go to speedtest.net and run it for 3 times and please show me the pictures. 


To do a comparison analysis, please move the 4010Pkit into the same room and plug them into the wall sockets directly to test the speed; also, please show me the pictures.


Besides, you can refer to the instruction below to do more tests.



Thanks in advance, and have a good day.