Recommendation TP-link house improvement

Recommendation TP-link house improvement
Recommendation TP-link house improvement
2019-08-07 00:52:52 - last edited 2019-08-07 00:58:22

Hello everyone,


I live in an appartment and wish to upgrade/improve my current wifi setup: I have a WPA 4220 Kit (a wifi powerline extender) with one connected to the router in the living room and the receiver in my bedroom (about 20 meters away - my appartment is like rectengular shape) that generate a second wifi.


I have two issues with this setup:

  1. The wifi generated in my bedroom has a Logitech Circle 2 connected to it but it won't let me add it to HomeKit (my HomePod is connected to the living room router's wifi)
  2. I am a bit tired of having to switch wifi in my phone/laptop whenever I go to the living room/bedroom


For sure a mesh network would solve the issue #2 and maybe (with some luck) also solve #1.


I had a look on Amazon and TP-link website and I feel overwhelmed with the various models offered without having a clear comparison of each model (P7, M4, M5...etc).
Couldn't I keep my WPA 4220 Kit and have it connect through powerline to a Deco to create a Mesh network or something? I saw this page that gives me hope it is doable: . Can someone direct me what the setup would be? Router <-> powerline and in my bedroom connect something like the RE300 next to my powerline receiver or replace it?!

Maybe a more simple setup would be recommended? Do you think that based on my appartment size, just having one in my bed room and one in my TV room would work? Which model would you recommend?


I am attaching a map of my appartment to hopefully get the best recommendation. Storage and Laundry room don't have electricity socket or aren't available to put any device (humidity or unaccessible).





Thanks for your help.