PA9020P link speed improvement

PA9020P link speed improvement

PA9020P link speed improvement
PA9020P link speed improvement
2023-11-22 04:03:09
Model: TL-PA9020P KIT  
Hardware Version: V4
Firmware Version: 3.2.4_902104_190506_901

I just purchased a set of these to attempt to bridge floors in an old house that would require extensive work to run ethernet between floors. Built 1897. 


I plugged 1 into an outlet next to the junction box that feeds the 3rd floor. The link there read ~500Mbps in the TP Link utility app and speedtested through at ~ 100 Mbps. The WAN link is 1G fiber that the router sees ~900M symmetric. I saw mention of motors and compressors and the plug I used also has 2 refrigerators in it so I tried moving it to the other side of the house. There I see a line link ~220M but speedtest through at 30M down, 50M up. I have disabled power-saving since their purpose is a full-time bridge to connect the 2nd floor to the basement and I set the QoS selector to Internet.


I can get 400M using APs to wirelessly bridge and was hoping for something more stable and faster throughput.


To get a 2G link, do these things need to be connected to a double-F extension cord? What factors affect the link speed and throughput?


I saw mention of this being a reasonable bridging option on the Unifi forums but I think they might be crazy -or have all new wiring. The wiring in the house is not as old as the house as there is no evidence of kn0b & tube anywhere in it.


Any suggestions for improving this before I revert to the WiFi option and return these?



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Re:PA9020P link speed improvement
2023-11-23 02:16:59



Hi, thank you very much for posting on TP-Link Community.

The powerline rate between powerline adapters are mainly affected by the powerline environment including the wiring in the house and interference caused by other electrical appliances etc., you could refer to this guide to see if it can be improved: What can I do if my powerline rate is very low?


In addition, here is another guide about powerline rate and actual speed for your reference: Explanation about the Powerline Rate and Actual speed of the Powerline Adapters



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