Powerline Adapter—Network From Any Power Plug

Powerline Adapter—Network From Any Power Plug
Powerline Adapter—Network From Any Power Plug
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“Network Blues

It wasn't that many years ago, you'd see a tangle of wires behind every device. Some were for electricity, for television, for Ethernet. Heck, even phones had wires.

Things changed, of course.

Wireless became a thing. And now it’s a bit easier finding space on a surge protector. Wireless networks, however, added some new twists.

Devices normally far away from routers needed strong and stable connections. Living rooms and office rooms weren’t the only spaces requiring Wi-Fi. Now, when you need to connect your TV to your Wi-Fi router, you have two options. You could move your modem and router away from your desktop to the TV. Or you could snake an Ethernet cable throughout your entire home...

Wouldn’t it be easier to just transfer your internet throughout your home wiring?

This is where powerline adapters come in.

Of course, it works in theory. The metal cables in powerlines are a good medium for data transmission. Using your powerline wasn’t common before due to technical limitations. But now, there are many PLC products that can improve your home network environment.

Power Line Communication—No Stretch of the Imagination

  • What is PLC?

Power Line Communication (PLC) enables sending data, using existing power cables as a medium. This means that in any room with a power jack, you’ll enjoy a high speed internet connection. PLC can provide a more reliable internet connection over longer distances.

  • How does PLC work?

A powerline Network requires two or more powerline adapters, and all of them plugged into the power sockets in the same electrical circuit/meter. One of the units should be near your router and can only connect to the router by Ethernet cable. The powerline adapter can transmit signals via the electric wiring of your home. This allows signals to travel farther and makes it so your walls are a medium of transmission rather than an obstacle for signals to overcome.