Mesh Wi-Fi with Powerline

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Mesh Wi-Fi with Powerline

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Mesh Wi-Fi with Powerline
Mesh Wi-Fi with Powerline
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Mesh Wi-Fi with Powerline

When your home network speed started to slow down, you changed it to a whole-home mesh Wi-Fi system and thought everything would get better. But then you found out that wasn’t really gonna happen.

Well, sometimes not even a mesh Wi-Fi network can reach everywhere it needs to, especially when your house or office is big enough and made of thick walls. Even the strongest wireless signal weakens when encountering obstacles like concrete walls or the ceiling between floors. In such cases, the hybrid combination of mesh Wi-Fi and Powerline communication could be just what you need.

Mesh Wi-Fi with Powerline is a hybrid mesh solution that simultaneously transmits data through both your home’s existing electrical wiring and wireless network. Wi-Fi integrated with powerline boosts bandwidth by combining the speed of powerline communication and mesh Wi-Fi.

Metaphor time: let’s say two “roads” are provided for data to travel on when you have a dual-band mesh Wi-Fi unit. Now, thanks to Mesh Wi-Fi with Powerline, another “road” is added so the data can move through walls without losing strength, thus making up for the signal attenuation of using wireless transmissions only.

Mesh Wi-Fi and powerline also combines to create a seamless and fast whole-home network. Mesh units in different rooms work together to form one unified whole-home network to eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones. Your devices like phones and tablets can automatically switch to the mesh unit with the best signal strength as you move through your home, giving you a truly seamless online connection. If a mesh unit fails, another mesh unit will carry the load, thereby ensuring that the data always reaches its destination safely. To expand the network coverage, just add more mesh units based on your home environment and house size. 

So with the Mesh Wi-Fi with Powerline combination, you won’t suffer from endless buffering and slow network speeds any more. You can have it both ways. Now, TP-Link has added powerline technology to its Deco range with Deco P9 being the best choice for you if you are still struggling with a slow network.

Deco P9, its dual-band AC1200 Wi-Fi, and AV1000 powerline connections combine to ensure the network not only works through wireless but also through walls to provide faster network speeds and truly seamless coverage. The total network speed is greatly improved and the extended coverage is delivered up to 6,000 ft² / 560 m² compared with using Wi-Fi only. So it’s ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications such as 4K video streaming, cloud gaming, and large file transfers.

All you’ll have is a smooth and stable Wi-Fi connection.

For better performance, Deco P9 units should be used on the same circuit and not beyond 300 m.

To learn more about Deco P9, check out this link:




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