Help Need

Help Need
Help Need
2020-05-21 16:00:12
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Hi Guys


I really need some help. I have recently had Virgin Media installed and their Hub 3 is trash. I have been trying to install my VR600 but i cannot get an internet connection.

I have been through so many forum pages on various websites but nothing seems to work.

My hub is in modem mode.

I log into the Routers setup page, change it to wireless router and it reboots.

i connect it to my hub in port 1

go back to the Routers management page and it says no internet.


Can someone give me an idea on what to do next or prefereable a step by step idiots guide coz im about to throw the damn thing off the wall!!!! When i had it originally connected to my BT Hub 6, the quick install wizard worked straight away.