TD-VG3631 Phone set-up forwarding

TD-VG3631 Phone set-up forwarding
TD-VG3631 Phone set-up forwarding
2013-06-19 00:36:18
Region : Peru

Model : TD-VG3631

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version : 0.6.0 1.0 v0001.0 Build 130413 Rel.52459n

ISP : Moviestar


I just bought in and installed the router and was going thru the phone options.
i have our land connected to the router and have a phone at the port of phone 1.
in the router under phone set-up is a option to have it forwarded to an IP address. i filled in the address of a IP phone that we have on the internal network but it wont go thru.
im pretty new to the VOIP systems so i probably have to do more to have it working

hope someone could throw me some pointers

the IP phone we are using is a grandstream GXV3140 with the latest frimware. we used it mainly as our skype phone as our old router/modem didn't had the options we have now.

thanks in advance

Arjen Hoekman
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Re:TD-VG3631 Phone set-up forwarding
2013-06-25 15:16:59
Normally, you can check one of Forward Unconditionally, Forward On "busy" and Forward On "no answer" according to your needs and then put in the phone number of the phone that you want to set to receive the forwarding phone call.