PowerLine & WiFi extension / OneMesh

PowerLine & WiFi extension / OneMesh
PowerLine & WiFi extension / OneMesh
2020-06-17 08:48:52 - last edited 2020-06-17 08:52:25
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I've recently updated my internet connectivity and switched from using an ADSL/Broadband solution to a 4G+LTE one using a TP-Link Archer MR600 modem. I noticed that due to the enhanced connectivity and general performance that my internal network setup of an older WPA4220 setup needed updating.




I got a WPA8630P-KIT to replace the WPA4220 setup and that "works". By works what I mean is that I can pair the WPA8630P with the "powerline hub" unit and have that connected to the router.


I was expecting though to be able to use the OneMesh setup but I can't see how to do that. So I have 2 questions;


(1) Is the power-line network transmission separate to the WiFi "mesh" ? i.e., does the powerline act as a bridge and let you in effect have a WiFi connection that goes...
Router > powerline hub > house electricity cabling > WPA8630P > WiFi ?

(2) I've ordered another couple of WPA8630P's. I know how to pair the devices and sync the WiFi but ultimately I want OneMesh to work from the Router. I don't really want to be having to administer things all over the place with different apps and UI's. What is the correct order to "connect" everything up ? I don't mind resetting all the routers etc., but once I've done it I don't want to have to do it again.


Are the WPA8630P (v2) units able to connect to OneMesh yet ? I tried the tplink tether app on my phone but it can't find it. It feels like that's not quite there yet...





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Re:PowerLine & WiFi extension / OneMesh
2020-07-09 03:55:25




Here is a compatible list of Onemesh you can refer to:



For the powerline products, all of them are not support Onemesh function now.


Hope it can help and have a nice day!

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