The requested url cannot be reached

The requested url cannot be reached
The requested url cannot be reached
2020-07-13 15:17:03 - last edited 2020-07-15 06:40:27
Model: AP200
Hardware Version: V17
Firmware Version:


I have a question regarding the url which cant be reached, this url is my property and some other urls too, the question is i try to reach these kind of websites and my browser can't open, while some other links can be opened normal. The problem is when i off the TP LINK and on again all will be fine. Which means this problem comes from TP link, I try to chage DNS without reboot TP link but it doesn't work. so that's it i searched in web and didn't find a better solution

I hope i will find solution here 

Thank you

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Re:The requested url cannot be reached
2020-07-27 06:44:57


Hi, for the issue, we would like to confirm the below information first:


1. May I know the issue happens on only one specific device or all the devices?

2. May I know which device is connected to AP200? How are they connected? Can you connect this device to your clients directly when the issue happens to check if the URLs can be opened correctly?

3. Follow the instruction to change DNS on the computer/end-device to check if it works.

4. Change MTU including MTU on the computer if you can change it.

5. Follow the instruction to ping the URLs and provide the results of it when the issue happens.

6. Please check if the firmware version of the device is the latest. If not, please upgrade to check if it works well.


Can you tell me which URLs can be open and which can't be open in detail?

BTW, may I know when and where you bought the device? When the issue happens? Does it work well before?

Look forward to your reply.




Best Regards.