powerline TL-WPA4220 has power supply but no internet in a specific line

powerline TL-WPA4220 has power supply but no internet in a specific line
powerline TL-WPA4220 has power supply but no internet in a specific line
2020-08-10 15:33:13
Hardware Version: V4
Firmware Version:

Hi everyone,

I bought 2 TL-WPA4220 kits about 1 month ago to be able to connect 3 houses under the same internet connection.

The 3 houses (for simplicity H0, H1 and H2) are connected in series with a single cable lain down specifically to be used by the powerline.


[H0 (router)] ——— 50m ——— [H1] ——— 50m ——— [H2]

H0 has the router and when I pair the powerlines on that network the powerlines work.

The 3 houses are electrically isolated by circuit breakers, so the H0-H1-H2 cable is a cable that starts from H0 and belongs to the H0 network because it was the only way to connect the powerlines.
H1 has only one socket belonging to the H0-H1-H2 cable, to which only the powerline is attached.
The same goes for H2.

The first 2/3 weeks everything seemed to work well, but now (I think due to 3 concomitant factors) the powerlines only work if connected inside H0 house, while they have no internet signal (they only have power supply) if connected to H1 and H2 sockets.

NB: I specify that both powerlines immediately after being reset and re-paired, were working in H0, put in both H1 and H2, both didn't work (they only had power supply, cell phones connected in WiFi saw "CONNECTED, NO INTERNET"). While re-placed in H0 both could work without re-pairing.

The 3 factors that I believe have influenced are:
1) we have a well and when the pump starts working the voltage of the lines is lowered
2) the input voltage to the meter was very low several evenings and one evening in particular we measured it and it was 190V, even if during the day it is at the limit of the norm (210V)
3) there has been a strong thunderstorm with downpour a few days ago and I think it somehow degraded the H0-H1-H2 line

I also specify that before the downpour, the powerlines in H1 and H2 would unpair usually once a day probably due to the low voltage, but they completely stopped working in H1 and H2 only after the downpour.

1) do the TL-WPA4220 powerlines have a minimum threshold voltage that causes them to lose pairing?
2) since the H0-H1-H2 line has current but the powerlines don't work, how do you advise me to act? 

Thanks in advance for the help,

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Re:powerline TL-WPA4220 has power supply but no internet in a specific line
2020-08-24 10:51:46


Good day.

Thank you very much for your time and patience.

We did not test the minimum threshold voltage for the power-line adapters yet.

But the instable voltage might stop the communication between the power-line adapters, which caused them unable to pair with each other;


As for the H0-H1-H2 line has current but the power-lines don't work, did you also checked the power-line lights on these adapters to see if all of them are still paired with each other?

Thank you very much!