Frequent Disconnect on RE450

Frequent Disconnect on RE450
Frequent Disconnect on RE450
2020-11-30 06:19:19
Model: RE450
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: 1.0.0 Build 20181204 Rel. 67770

Hi, i have frequent disconnects on my RE450 Range Extender, 
i did all the troubleshooting indicated by the customer service and i still continue to have the problem, 
Below are some troublehsooting that was done as indicated by CSR.
Place the RE next to the main router. 
Update the firmware ( as directed from download center). 
changed the channels on the main router.  

I called up the customer service multiple times and i was indicated that i will get a call back in the next 2-3 Hours and this had never happened.

The CSR whom I was talking indicated that she will be writing an email to near by service center for replacement  but wont be able to do as it was a saturday. 

These discussions are not getting recorded and turns out to be a pain point everytime when i need to call up customer service, ending with no solution and the call is getting over indicating that i will receive a call in the next 2-3 Hours and this never had happened. 

is there someone to look around this and provide me a solution? 

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Re:Frequent Disconnect on RE450
2020-12-01 03:31:41


Good day,

Sorry for the delay.

May I know how long have you had the RE450 v3

And when did this issue start?

Have you tried to update the firmware to be the following one:



and what is model number of the home router?

Can I have the case ID or ticket ID with the local support?

Thank you very much!

Re:Frequent Disconnect on RE450
2020-12-01 03:51:54


I bought this device by May 2020 & seems to have be having this issue from the initial days which I kind of had work through multiple troubleshooting across other devices to get into the root cause. 


The glitch was so intermittent that it can be felt only when i had voices / videos dropping out during a live video call, while regular work was not getting impacted because the time the drop out starts & completes, i was not seeing any differences. 


I did not do this firmware update because this seems to be specific to EU, while i live in India. 


Model No: RE450(EU)

S/N: 2196760002968


I dont have any case ID or ticket ID, however customer service said that just my mobile number is sufficient for any references.