Wifi Clock not connecting -- Solved

Wifi Clock not connecting -- Solved
Wifi Clock not connecting -- Solved
2021-01-09 08:24:10
Model: Deco X20
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.05 Build 20201013 Rel. 64606



So I bought this wifi wall clock running for about three weeks before the second M1 disruption in December. I lost count of the number of times I reconfigured the clock to no avail. The supplier, after some trouble shooting, told me it was the router issue. Since I did not know anything about tinkering with the ASUS DLR-868 router, I took the opportunity to sign up with WhizzComm for their DECO X20 package. After the installation, all was good, the clock's timing was synchronized to the internet. Half a day later, I changed the SSID and password and then the clock lost the signal again! All my sms to the technician went unanswered and Whizcomm said I had to contact TP-Link.


I chatted with three support assistants on three different occasions. None of them had a clue as to the cause. Until the fourth one, Miraflor, who somehow managed to resolved the issue.





She told me to change the Primary and Secondary DNS on the DECO app and power off and on the X20. It did not work. She then told me to change on the app from router mode to access point Neither did it work. Every time I changed anything, I had to reconfigure the clock. I told her I had to leave the house and would be back in tow hours. Just before leaving, I switched back from access point mode.


When I came back, lo and behold, the clock was synchronized! Miraflor replied that the cause could be any one of a multitude of reasons. I could understand, since there are so many variables. I suspect it was just the primary and secondary settings. The reason the clock did not show the correct time could be that it took some time for the clock to initiate the connection.


Whatever, I am very happy. This problem has been a pain for some time. I hope TP-Link would update its support staff of this issue.

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Re:Wifi Clock not connecting -- Solved
2021-01-13 10:14:31


Thanks for your feedback.

We would add them to the basic trouble-shooting steps.

Thank you very much and wish you a happy new year.