Multiple adapters only stay connected for an hour or two

Multiple adapters only stay connected for an hour or two
Multiple adapters only stay connected for an hour or two
2021-01-22 15:58:18
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Hi there,


We've been using TP Link adapters for years and have always had this problem which I've only just thought to ask advice about. It's much more noticeable during lockdown. My son and I both use an adapter, hmi for his XBOX and mine for my PC. Two or three times a day we'll do the following:


Long press on the reset button on the adapter connected to the router until all the lights go out.

Then a short press on the same adapter while he's at another socket pairing an adapter, then repeat for the second adapter.

We'll go off and plug them in and use them for an hour or so until one of us will drop connection completely, the only way to get it back is by the other person unplugging theirs.


We repeat this process mulsitple times per day and it's killing us...


Can anyone think what might be the issue?


Over the years we've bought a couple of the TP-Link PA411KIT AV500 500 Mbps Powerline Adapter - Twin Pack, one of the TP-Link TL-PA4010KIT Nano Powerline Adapter Starter Kit and the TP-Link TL-PA451 AV500 Powerline Adapter with AC Pass Through which is the one plugged into the router.


Many thanks in advance.

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Re:Multiple adapters only stay connected for an hour or two
2021-01-23 12:24:55 - last edited 2021-01-23 12:26:02






I used homeplugs for years but not to the volume you have connected, but i did have this issue once in a while.


I never quite understood how but someone online mentioned that multiple homeplugs can cause static on the powerlines after a period of time.  His recommendation was to disconnect them all for a while (12 hours, overnight something like that) and this should clear it..  I was skeptical but it did work for me and I ended up doing it twice a year on average. 


I would also recommend that when you reconnect them all to use the TPLink PLC App and change the default name.   When you sync then together like you are with the buttons it gives it an auto name, something like AVHome1234     I found it more reliable if you changed all the plugs to a unique custom name *talbot649* something like that..  no idea why but they seemed to work better that way.  Again this done via the App


Also when you have the app open look for slow connections.  The plugs you are using as AV1 and have speed limitations, at the risk of offending if you have that many plugs running at AV1 speeds its likely near saturation.  In my personal experience I found once I started to need 4 plugs I had to move to AV2 to maintain stability, like yourself I had been adding extra plugs over years.


AV500 plugs are likely getting ~200/250mbps connection between them, that is not a lot of bandwidth for 4 or more plugs.  If the app is reading 100mbps or less connections between the plugs I would recommend you consider upgrading to AV2.  AV2 supports 2x2 MIMO so can deliver much faster speeds (usually double) and this extra backhaul did help to address my stability issues.


New plugs can be expensive, espically if you need multiple plugs.   If that is a consideration look at the DECO P9, this is a MESH WiFi setup but the nodes also have a 1GB powerline connection between them.  A 3 pack of this might work out cheaper than multiple AV2 plugs and offer mesh WiFi thrown in


Best of luck





Re:Multiple adapters only stay connected for an hour or two
2021-01-24 14:49:07

Hi Phil,


Thanks for taking the time to reply. I should clarify that although we've got 6 adapters, we only use the pass-through one to connect to the router and only 2 others are ever plugged in, one for my PC and one for my son's XBOX. I will try the renaming trick, although we found when we installed the utility a couple of days ago that only 2 adapters were showing (not 3) and we were both able to use the internet so we know all 3 were working. 


I've downloaded the firmware updates for the ones I could: PA411 v2.1 and PA4010 v1.2, the 2 x PA4010 v3 didn't have a firmware download available on this site.


Best regards